This article is intended for newbies.

It's pretty easy to start mining today. There are services that simplify this to just a few clicks. Anyone can do it!

What you need for mining

  1. A computer with a video card is required. Mining without a video card (only with a processor) often does not even pay off electricity.
  2. The video card must have at least 6GB of video memory. If you have 4 or even 3 GB of video memory, you can also mine, but the income will be much lower.

It is undesirable to mine on a laptop. They usually have a rather weak cooling system. But if you want to try it, you can.

Brief instruction

  1. Go to the website
  2. Register
  3. Download the Kryptex app
  4. Install and run the application
  5. When the application starts and shows profitability, just minimize it to tray and leave it for a day.
  6. In a day (if you have a good video card), you will already have an amount for a couple of cans of beer on your balance 🙂

By following these simple instructions, you can start making money today.

What to do next?

You can overclock your graphics card to increase your income. Don't forget to visit the section "Safety" before that!

How much profit can you expect?

Different video cards give different income, from $ 26 per month (the weakest) to $ 450 per month.

Mining income changes every hour, either down or up. Even during the day, he can jump by 20-25%. You can find out what profitability the video card gives right now in the table.